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The founding of Brother Bridge was inspired by work boots, military boots and dress boots from the 1900s and 1950s.  Due to the military economy during World War II, the production of "boots" became more robust and large-scale to support the feet of strong soldiers and many workers in harsh environments.  Among them, the HERITAGE series is based on tooling boots, military boots and motorcycle boots, which have been redesigned to fit a sturdy and classic style.  The WORK DRESS series is inspired by work, officer shoes and formal boots since the 1900s.  Therefore, Brother Bridge modified the boots and finally adapted them to the Japanese feet and the modern environment and style.

Brother Bridge 的成立靈感來自 1900 年代和 1950 年代的工作靴、軍靴和禮服靴。由於二戰期間的軍事經濟導致「靴子」的生產更加穩健和大規模,以在惡劣的環境中支撐強壯的士兵和許多工人的雙腳。當中,HERITAGE 系列以工裝靴、軍靴和機車靴為基礎,經過重新設計以切合堅固而經典的風格。而WORK DRESS 系列的靈感來自 1900 年代以來的工作、軍官鞋和正裝靴。所以,Brother Bridge 對靴子進行了改造,以切合日本人的腳和現代環境和風格。


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