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Two Moon

The term Two Moon originates from Native Americans, which is the most famous Indian tribe, the Cheyaenne tribe and the founder of the Cheyenne tribe. Each item is made with the core concept of "wearing every day". Since its establishment, the original intention of the brand has never changed. The series of products will give customers a retro feel as well as a comfortable wearing experience. Supporting items that were made in Japan and following the ancient methods to make each single product is the principle they stick to, which shows that it attaches great importance to the essence of the concept.

Two Moon 品牌一詞是源自美洲原住民,印第安族最富盛名的夏安族其奠長之名,他們秉持着「每天都能穿着」的核心理念製作每項單品。成立至今,品牌的初衷從未改變過。系列產品中皆帶有復古感,並且擁有相當舒適的穿着感受。他們只支持日產,並遵從古法去製作每件單品,如有重視本質的理念更突顯其品牌的風格和特色。

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