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The emergence of Kona Bay Hawaii is derived from the growth environment of designer KC. When KC was a youngster in Japan, his parents were fascinated with American culture. Fond memories of his childhood included watching the 1950 film, “From Here to Eternity.” To date, this particular movie holds great meaning for the designer, and his choice to replicate the patterns from aloha shirts worn by its star, Montgomery Clift, is understood. 


With careful attention to detail, Kona Bay Hawaii has replicated these designs perfectly. Kona Bay Hawaii offers a slice of that old-time, relaxed excellence, at an affordable price, to the rest of us. All garments are done to the specifications the manufacturers adhered to, back from the days when pride and perfection could be found in each and every shirt, using the finest in fujiette rayon, double-stitched seams with a french flat stitch, two-pieced collars with invisible stitching, mirrored colors and images of the originals and all products are made in Hawaii. 



Kona Bay Hawaii的出現是源於設計師KC的成長背景。 從小KC的父母便對美國文化深感著迷,他的童年深受美國文化的影響。其中1950年的美國電影 “From Here to Eternity” 對他影響其深。這部特別的電影對KC來說意義重大,他選擇複製其明星蒙哥馬利·克利夫特 (Montgomery Clift) 所穿 aloha 襯衫的圖案作開始的第一步。


他們的產品非常注重細節,完美地複制了一些經典的Hawaii shirt設計,並以實惠的價格為顧客提供了一份古老而輕鬆的卓越體驗。 他們所有的服裝均按照製造商所堅持的規格進行製作,透過使用最好的 fujiette 人造絲、雙線縫法式平針、兩件式衣領、採用隱形縫線、鏡面顏色和原件圖像及均在夏威夷製造的這些特點,顧客可以在每件襯衫中找回自豪和完美的經典時代。

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