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White Whale & Co.是一間紮根於香港的復古服裝店,於 2015年成立,主要是從事來自世界各地牛仔服、工作服、軍服及飾品等元年珍品,及來自歐美及日本品牌的服裝及配件的零售。多年來,一直致力與香港及世界各地品牌合作,同時亦獲不同媒體及平台採訪,除了本地顧客群外,亦有來自世界各地不同地方。

White Whale & CO. is  a Vintage Clothing and Goods Shop based in Hong Kong established in 2015.

We aim to seek a wide variety of clothing all over the world from vintage denim, workwear, military uniform, accessories for men and women as well as antique props for deco. Our products mainly included selected vintage workwear, military clothing and accessories from the US and Europe. And included selected vintage inspired garments and accessories from Japan, US and UK.


Just as our selection of vintage clothing. Our aim is always not bringing as much as we can, but to provide our customer with the best and the finest selection of quality garments and goods. For this simple reason, we are really hoping that we could work with the best among all, a true authentic interpretation of vintage lifestyle.




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