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About Us

White Whale & Co. is a Vintage Clothing and Goods Shop based in Hong Kong established in 2015, and

experienced in collecting vintage clothing and stuffs for over eight years. We aim to seek a wide variety of clothing all over the world from vintage denim, work wear, military uniform, accessories for men and women as well as antique props for deco.


When fast fashion and mass clothing production cannot hold enough narrative to keep our audiences fascinated. We choose to step back to the origins and bringing back those were once forgotten. A historical piece of garment that shaped by patina, alterations repairs and details. We believe that irregularities and craftsmanship is the key to make the product unique from a material perspective. 


White Whale & Co.是一間紮根於香港的古著店,於 2015年成立,超過八年收藏古著的經驗,主要收藏






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