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The Japanese brand Good On was established in 1997. It is made of cotton and weaving in the United States. The production line is also located in the United States. The special feature of its products is the Pigment Dye method. Each piece is dyed layer by layer. There are different shades of dyeing and ageing effects on the top. The collar and sleeves have a washing effect similar to the edge of jeans. Each piece is unique. After years of change, the colour will make the clothes more distinctive.


日本品牌Good On成立於1997年,由美國製造棉料和編織,生產線亦設於美國,其產品特別之處是以Pigment Dye 的方式染製,每件都是逐層逐層顏色染上,布料上都有深淺不一的染色及舊化的效果,領囗及衣袖上都有類似牛仔褲腳邊的洗水效果每件都是獨一無二的,經年變化後色落會令衣服更具特色。


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