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"THE HWDOG&CO." was born in 2015. In addition, to the abbreviation of HatWear as HW, the word "DOG" was added and it was transformed into HWDOG/hat dog brand to express the childlike playfulness and express that this is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship that this brand with modern fashionable hats.  In the modern era of mass production and consumption, HW DOG spends time and energy on all products  to allow as many customers as possible to buy "really good hats."

「THE H.W.DOG&CO.」在2015年誕生,HatWear縮寫成H.W.之外,加上了「DOG」這字眼,化身成為HWDOG/帽狗牌來表示童心未泯的俏皮,表達出這是一個融合傳統工藝與現代時髦的帽子品牌。在大批量生產大消費的現代,HW DOG在所有產品上花費時間和精力,為了讓更多的顧客買到「真正的好帽子」。

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