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Olde homesteader

Olde Homesteader, a brand specialized in underwear, made its debut in 2017. The  inspiration comes from over fifty years ago, the early days of American-made Deadstock boxer shorts. Those simple, clean stitch lines, like the workmanship of a well-made white shirt.


Their products are made exclusively with “Banshu-ori” fabrics from Nishiwaki City, Hyogo, Japan, where yarns are dyed and woven the old-fashioned way, in a natural environment ideal for fabric-making. Woven into our product is the pride of a two hundred year tradition of textile craftsmanship.

內衣專業品牌 Olde Homesteader 於 2017 年首次亮相。 他們的靈感源自五十多年前,美國製造的 Deadstock 平角短褲的早期。 設計理念圍繞簡單、乾淨的線跡,就像一件做工精良的白襯衫,也能成為他們創作的靈感。


他們的產品完全採用來自日本兵庫縣西脅市的“Banshu-ori”面料製成。在一個非常適合面料製作的自然環境中,紗線以舊式時尚的方法進行染色和編織。他們的產品象徵了200 年紡織工藝傳統的驕傲。


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